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Software Overview:

QA-CAD LT allows you to revise drawings and add auto-numbered engineering bubbles (balloons) with the minimum of fuss. The software has been designed as a Lite version of QA-CAD for users who don’t require features such as dimension capture, attributes attachment, or data export to CSV and Excel. The source drawing always remains untouched by the stamping operations.

 • Easy to add bubbles continuously
 • Select to draw balloons (bubbles) or QA stamp
 • Adjust balloons size, color and numbers
 • save ballooned drawings into multiple formats
  and MORE…

Click to enlarge QA-CAD LT software screen-shot images. Bubbles (Balloons) or Auto-numbered Stamps overlay the drawing.

Multipliers balloon drawing by QA-CAD screenshot 
Bubble drawing balloon drawing QAstamp by QA-CAD screenshot 

If you are still plotting drawings and adding numbered stamps and revisions by hand, then QA-CAD LT will be the perfect tool to help you get the job done quickly, and is an essential tool for engineering design or for anyone requiring quality assurance and drawing revisions.

OS: Windows8/10/11/Windows Server 2008 to 2022
(A network license is required for use in CITRIX, VMware, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Windows Terminal Server.)

Easy 4 Steps: How to create engineering bubble drawings (balloon drawings)

Step 1: Open a CAD Drawing file.

Open a CAD Drawing file

Step 2: Click “Add QA symbol” from QA menu and click OK button.

Click “Add QA symbol”

Step 3: Move a mouse pointer to where you want to draw a bubble.

Move a mouse pointer to where you want to draw a bubble

Step 4: Double left-click. Then the bubble is placed on the drawing.

Double-click. Then the bubble is placed on the drawing.

Repeat this operation until you finish to draw all bubbles. Press "Save Markup Edits" button to save the work bubbled drawing or "Publish to PDF" button to create the delivery bubbled drawing.

What is bubble drawing? (or balloon drawing?)

From quality inspection perspective, a bubble drawing is created and used to locate all designed dimension values such as linear dimensions, diameter dimension, etc. on an engineering drawing. Each dimension value is indicated by a unique numbered bubble (balloon).

What is bubble drawing?

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Balloons (bubbles) drawing feature:

 • You can choose to draw bubbles (balloons) or QA Stamps on AutoCAD / PDF drawing
 • Overlay drawings with unlimited no. of bubbles (or QA stamps) and Markup annotations

Support multiple formats:

 • Vector (DWG, DXF, HPGL/2, DWF), pixel (TIFF, JPG, BMP) and PDF formats can be opened and stamped
 • All AutoCAD DXF and DWG versions up to AutoCAD 2024
 • Save the drawing with QA stamps and markup overlays to PDF, DWG, DXF, TIFF ...

Auto-numbered Balloons:

 • Stamps are automatically numbered and easily configured
 • Alter numbering system of QA Stamps anytime during stamping process

Balloon size, color and numbers:

 • Color changer - Choose from 20 different stamping inks
 • Alter each stamp to any size
 • Rotate stamps in any direction
 • Add leaders to stamps

Save balloon edits:

 • Save QA stamps and markup annotations separate to the drawing

Integration with your email software:

 • Send ballooned PDF by email with just the process of a button

User-defined Stamp:

 • User-defined Time / Date / 'Checked by' stamp

Pricings & Plans



for 7 days

The evaluation version of QA-CAD LT is enabled for 7 days. The trial version is converted to the full version once the software is registered.


Standard License


per user

Buy a standard license. Prices start from $390 USD. You can see details of the price structure from here.


Network License


per number of concurrent user

Buy a network license. Prices start from $690 USD. You can see details of the price structure from here.